Long Term Preservation

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Long Term Preservation

It is not uncommon for cargo to be stored for an extended period of time at the project site waiting for commissioning of the project. Certain critical equipment might also be produced and stored for any potential emergency requirement in the future. In both cases, it is essential that when the cargo is unpacked it should be intact and in operational condition. Another requirement is the storage of important artwork and important historical

While storage and transportation there are various kinds of stresses acting on the cargo. The storage condition plans a very important role. Considering these various parameters we design the packing which can sustain for the desired duration.

We collaborate with the OEM and execute the preservation process as per their guidelines. We also have our own standard operating procedure which is developed using our years of experience with different clients in various industries.

In the past we have executed on-site preservation assignments for highly critical nuclear equipment stored at the project site. This was necessary since the equipment which was imported had been stored for a much longer duration than planned.